This Is Hard

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote and I feel I should apologize. 

I don’t know why or what stops me, but it’s hard for me to write. No – let me rephrase that: it’s hard to motivate myself to actually sit down to write and not get distracted. There have been at least 3 things I’ve been wanting to write about but I kept opening my draft and then deciding that I do it later. “Later” has turned into “not at all” – and that upsets me! 

If you’ve read my first couple posts, you’ll know why I started to blog again. Well, so far I haven’t been as committed as I should be. I realize that blogging isn’t something I’m getting paid to do and that it is totally something I’m doing voluntarily…but it’s something I told myself I would be committed to. I’ve had 3 other “blogs” that were simply failures. I don’t want this to be the fourth. It won’t be! 

So, tonight…here I am. 

I’m alone and it’s Friday night of the September long weekend. But I chose this; I could have joined my husband and his friends in their camping, but being the only girl gets old after a while. I’m not complaining at all, I’m just … well, a little low I guess.

Oh no!! That reminds me – I forgot to refill on my meds! No wonder! It’s been a couple days already that I’ve been without them…oops!

Well, anyway…I’m glad I was able to at least post something, even if it was just my rambling. 

My current goal is at least twice a week. I head back to university soon so I’ll get pretty busy, but I’m sure I’ll find even more things to write about. 

Bye for now and thanks for listening, 



About Tea Shell

When I think about how to describe myself, what comes to mind first is my love for art. Painting, drawing, dance, poetry, music...they speak to me and find myself able to speak through them. I believe that God's creation in itself is true art and that Art his one of his greatest gifts to us. I'm not an outgoing person. Let me just put that out there. I'm shy, reserved, and prefer to be around animals, nature, or no one. I have a husband though with whom I share everything and he is a huge pillar of strength in my life. I have one very dear friend whom I also treasure. I've created this blog as a way for me to express how I feel through writing - something I seriously prefer over speaking out loud! Feel free to comment and message me. I do want to hear from you :)
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