It is late
and I am alone;
the house is still,
and growing cold.
A light turns on –
even though
I have not moved.
I almost missed
the flicker of shadow
across the hall;


I wait in the cold
while the chill
sweeps up my back.
My breath is paused;
perhaps it was nothing

Suddenly, the light is off;
I sneak a breath,
stifle a shiver.
The house is quiet
and the cold is lingering.

© Shell 2013

Note: This poem is based on a person experience I had.


About Tea Shell

When I think about how to describe myself, what comes to mind first is my love for art. Painting, drawing, dance, poetry, music...they speak to me and find myself able to speak through them. I believe that God's creation in itself is true art and that Art his one of his greatest gifts to us. I'm not an outgoing person. Let me just put that out there. I'm shy, reserved, and prefer to be around animals, nature, or no one. I have a husband though with whom I share everything and he is a huge pillar of strength in my life. I have one very dear friend whom I also treasure. I've created this blog as a way for me to express how I feel through writing - something I seriously prefer over speaking out loud! Feel free to comment and message me. I do want to hear from you :)
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