What’s new in my New Year!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a decent start to your new year so far. Where I live it’s been snowing which both my husband and I really enjoy. Our maltipoo Bailey loves it as well! However, she’s been spending a lot of time in the house recently because … we got another puppy!!!

I believe I mentioned this before but just in case: we used to have another Maltese mix puppy (14 years old) but she passed away in November due to breast cancer. Bailey (5 years old) was her granddaughter and they had a close mother-daughter type relationship so the loss was quite hard on her. She’s a really playful pup and so we thought it would be a good idea to get another playmate for her!

After browsing through adoption ads and our local humane society we found a cockapoo litter with a female pup and 3 males. One of the males was a lovely peach/chocolate color and my husband decided that it would be his first choice. I agreed that he was adorable (but what puppy isn’t?!?) but we also knew Bailey would get along better with a female. So we decided that if the male was taken then we would inquire about the female.

The male was taken but the girl was still available and so she has become the newest addition to our little family!

Jersey the CockapooMeet Jersey 🙂

She is a huge cuddler follows me around the house, sitting on my feet while I cook in the kitchen (and as I type). Bailey was so excited when we brought her home and has been really accepting (which is significant because typically Bailey doesn’t get along with many other dogs).

Of course the potty training has been tiresome and getting up every 3 hours in the night to let her out is draining me, but she’s been peeing outside about 80% of the time which is amazing.

We feel so blessed!!

Anyways, thought I’d just give an update.

Take care,


PS: the breeder is Homestead Kennels if you’re interested. They are lovely people. Good luck on your resolutions!


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When I think about how to describe myself, what comes to mind first is my love for art. Painting, drawing, dance, poetry, music...they speak to me and find myself able to speak through them. I believe that God's creation in itself is true art and that Art his one of his greatest gifts to us. I'm not an outgoing person. Let me just put that out there. I'm shy, reserved, and prefer to be around animals, nature, or no one. I have a husband though with whom I share everything and he is a huge pillar of strength in my life. I have one very dear friend whom I also treasure. I've created this blog as a way for me to express how I feel through writing - something I seriously prefer over speaking out loud! Feel free to comment and message me. I do want to hear from you :)
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